5. The Ultimate Action Cam

The E-Clips video camera is ready when you are. Use it hand held, or attach it to your vehicle of choice. It comes with a digital wristband so you can control the action no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Cool? Yah, I think so. Lean more


4. Is this Bike For Real?

The Cannondale CERV bike is half bike, half mind blowing awesomeness. It has no chains, and instead, uses piston technology to bring power to the wheels. This is a head turner for sure. Check it out here.


3. The Street Machine

This street bike by Slugger01, is machine meets beauty. The iconic frame brings focus to the workings of the bike and gives it a distinctive flare. Check out more images of this stunner here.


2. Formula 1 on Water

I’m pretty sure someone just made a spaceship that floats on water. The Wesp Jetski is an exotic machine that looks like it’s constantly moving. Want more pictures? Click Here.


1. The Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept

This is without a doubt the sexiest Mercedes I’ve ever seen. The lines are aggressive, the angles are sharp. I feel all tingly inside just looking at it. There’s a whole gallery of pics here.