Halloween: the only holiday where people can release their alter egos and not feel like a total nerd. As much stress as I have choosing a costume, we hope this selection of Halloween costumes brings you a new level of popularity at any social setting.


This costume may be the most legit costume I have ever seen. Inspired by Bumblebee in the action film, Transformers, this mega fan made it his destiny to replicate the character. Do I dare to ask how much he spent in putting together this costume?


The remake of Tron set forward a new trend of innovative and techy costumes for a new generation. This costume is the intersection of sexy and futuristic and is sure to be the talk of any Halloween party.

Star Wars

Twi’leks, the omnivorous humanoid species from the planet Ryloth are distinctive for their colorful skin and their “beauty.” Why not go all out this Halloween and win the heart of every Star Wars enthusiast? We promise that you will find your soul mate.

Power Rangers

There is no room for debate here; being a Power Ranger for Halloween makes you a badass. It’s also perfect for groups of friends to coordinate with each other. Why not fight the world together with your best friends?


If you don’t want to feel blue this Halloween dress as a Na’vi. From the hit movie, Avatar, this costume is a perfect way to show off one’s curves and stand out from the rest. Connect with the natives of Pandora and join the Na’vi clan.


With the release of Halo 4 right around the corner, we deemed it appropriate to add Cortana. The guide for Master Chief deserves the respect of preventing the activation of the Halo. Let this full-fledged Cortana get-up guide you to a fleet of fans at your next Halloween bash.


While Samus Aran was always known for her bold, monster-defying ways, the reveal of her character being a female has led to many a costume attempt by cosplayers all over. Sport this impressive array of color and weaponry alongside an appropriately blonde doo and you’ll have monsters and men groveling faster than you can say “Metroid.”