Let me jump right in and get to my point: even the most illicit activities require style and panache. Whether you’re detonating a bomb or battling a villain on the top of a train, you need the right accessory to get the job done. It’s the responsible thing to do, right? It’s what Sherlock, the ultimate detective, has proven to us with his unstoppable flow of spectacles, monocles, card tricks, and serums. To that end, I’ve found some accessories for ganja enthusiasts (you know who you are, though we won’t name names) that would make Sherlock himself proud. Behold! the items below:

Custom Blue Freeze Coil 

This custom blue freeze coil comes at a pretty penny ($1,199) and features a removable multi-hole bowl, K clip, engraved grinder, clear even glass construction, and a coil with a glycerin section that you can freeze time and time again for complete coolness when smoking.

Mustache Sherlock Pipe 

This pipe was designer after Sherlock himself with glass construction and the silhouette of a moustache. Sherlock’s trademark accessory was a pipe for pensive moments and with this piece, you’ll be every bit as dapper.

VaporGenie’s Vaporizing  Pipe 

This classic pipe has a stainless steel bowl, screen, and filter top and the black mouth-tip can be removed for cleaning. This piece is lead-free, glue-free, and adhesive free. The best features are the new-age vaporization technology that allows for a steady temperature between 225-375 degrees and the patented flame filter.

Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo 


This combination pipe & lighter has a removable bowl cover and a secret storage unit under the mouthpiece for stashing your goods. Keep your herbs in the niftiest of units with this new-fangled Sherlock style piece.

If you’ve got money to burn and a taste for refined, if secret accessories, look no further than these bold pieces. The Holiday season is upon us— could this be the perfect gift for Granny? No? I was totally kidding…