Since its inception, crowd funding platform Kickstarter has been making creative dreams come true by bringing to life some of the most amazing products we’ve ever seen from amateur and seasoned designers alike. Of the many ideas that get funded each day, these are the standouts we felt deserved a little extra attention:

Square Bottle

The Square bottle is the 3-year incubated brainchild of ex-designers from Apple, Frog Design, and Stanford. The team aimed to create a bottle that was sleek, functional, and durable; it appears they’ve achieved just that, which is why we’re such big fans.

Turtle Speaker Boombox

Following in the functional footsteps of the portable speaker movement created by Jawbone and Bose, the Turtle Speaker Boombox packs as loud a design as it does sound output. Beyond its obvious uses, this beautiful speaker features a bike attachment and heavy water resistance for easy use on the go. Honestly, have you seen a cooler portable speaker?

Savino Wine Carafe

Upon first glance, the Savino looks more like a glass art piece than anything else, but further inspection reveals that behind this beautiful form lies a very deliberate choice in function. The carafe’s floating pendulum sits atop the wine to protect it from atmospheric oxidation while the cylindrical vial features a drip-free rim to make pouring a cinch.

LLSTOL Table/Chair

The “Transformers” franchise captured audiences because there is a certain magic associated with one body of mass being able to perform two completely different functions with a simple trigger. This “magic” is the same magic observed in the LLSTOL chair/table. The furniture set comprises two carefully designed wooden pieces that come together to form a lounge chair or coffee table depending on configuration. The simplicity of this design is what makes it so magical.

Trioh Flashlight

While most would say the flashlight has reached its evolutionary end, designer Greg Hinzmann would beg to differ. Slated as “the world’s most beautiful flashlight,” the Trioh seems to trump its forefathers in almost every way; the ergonomic design, charging station, flashlight/lamp modes, and even an ability to light upon sensing power failure. Reinventing the light never looked so good.