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Today we’re going to discuss the man, the myth, the legend: Anish Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor, famed sculptor and visionary, was born in Bombay, India in 1954 and after a failed attempt at electrical engineering (on a kibbutz in Israel, no less), he decided to become an artist in London. Kapoor was a student at London’s Hornsey College of Art and the Chelsea School of Art and Design. At this point in time, Mr. Kapoor has been made a Commander of the British Empire and a Commander in the French Ordres et des Lettres. Pretty badass, huh? Let’s take a look at some of his famous design-centric pieces.

Tall Tree and Eye

Tall Tree and Eye is in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts and is formed by 76 stainless steel “bubbles” that seem to float towards the tops of the surrounding buildings. The bubbles reflect images endlessly and their silhouette seems inspired by human DNA though the artist insists he didn’t intend for that. With this piece of design, the weight of the stainless steel material transforms into an airy substance.

Untitled (2009)

This amazing piece of sculpture sits in Atlanta at the High Museum. Untitled (2009) is a concave dish that was polished and sanded into a repeating triangular pattern that distorts the viewer into hundreds of fragmented images.

Turning the World Upside Down

This piece was in Anish Kapoor’s Turning the World Upside Down exhibit; this freestanding water-based piece was intended to reflect its nearby surroundings in unusual organic ways.

Cloud Gate

This is perhaps the most famous of Kapoor’s works: Cloud Gate or “the Bean” to Chicagoans (this writer is a Chicagoan so she has full authority!) This enormous piece of  stainless steel is 186 plates welded together and polished so as to not have seams. The result? A vast sculpture on the city’s skyline that reflects and distorts the surrounding buildings. Stand under the bean and your jaw will drop…believe me.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is an 377 feet tall sculpture and observation tower that was designed by Anish Kapoor in conjunction with engineer Cecil Balmond. It sits in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London and was created for the London Olympics in 2012. It is Britain’s largest piece of public art and allows visitors to see the whole Olympic Park from two vantage points.

This concludes the Anish Kapoor virtual tour but keep up with ToMo’s design blog for future inspirations!

Let me jump right in and get to my point: even the most illicit activities require style and panache. Whether you’re detonating a bomb or battling a villain on the top of a train, you need the right accessory to get the job done. It’s the responsible thing to do, right? It’s what Sherlock, the ultimate detective, has proven to us with his unstoppable flow of spectacles, monocles, card tricks, and serums. To that end, I’ve found some accessories for ganja enthusiasts (you know who you are, though we won’t name names) that would make Sherlock himself proud. Behold! the items below:

Custom Blue Freeze Coil 

This custom blue freeze coil comes at a pretty penny ($1,199) and features a removable multi-hole bowl, K clip, engraved grinder, clear even glass construction, and a coil with a glycerin section that you can freeze time and time again for complete coolness when smoking.

Mustache Sherlock Pipe 

This pipe was designer after Sherlock himself with glass construction and the silhouette of a moustache. Sherlock’s trademark accessory was a pipe for pensive moments and with this piece, you’ll be every bit as dapper.

VaporGenie’s Vaporizing  Pipe 

This classic pipe has a stainless steel bowl, screen, and filter top and the black mouth-tip can be removed for cleaning. This piece is lead-free, glue-free, and adhesive free. The best features are the new-age vaporization technology that allows for a steady temperature between 225-375 degrees and the patented flame filter.

Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo 


This combination pipe & lighter has a removable bowl cover and a secret storage unit under the mouthpiece for stashing your goods. Keep your herbs in the niftiest of units with this new-fangled Sherlock style piece.

If you’ve got money to burn and a taste for refined, if secret accessories, look no further than these bold pieces. The Holiday season is upon us— could this be the perfect gift for Granny? No? I was totally kidding…

Ben Affleck’s new flick Argo makes reference to the wife of a Persian Ayatollah who was rumored to bathe in milk and sleep in jewels. While her bathing habits were excessive and greedy, I can’t help but feel envious. I pay a hefty lump sum for rent (no, I’m not giving you an exact number!) and have approximately 4 minutes of hot water, never mind an entire tank to support my habit. And so, in the spirit of unrequited day dreaming and a dope collection of pictures, I’d like to take you on a little joy ride that I like to call Naked Design–5 amazing high concept, high design bathtubs that even an Ayatollah could get down with. Grab your robe and a loofah because this train is leaving.

1. The Organic Cocoon

This secret bathtub sits under the natural illumination of a skylight and features a blue/ green mosaic, natural jet stream, and rock pool inspired-design. A nearby wooden seat makes for post-bath grooming or seating for a special invited guest. This pool is secluded and sensuous for hours of alone time. Danielle Steel, anyone?

2. Maison Alexandre de Betak

This gorgeous stone tub is in a French family’s maison; it was constructed by local artisans out of salt stone and assembled in the bathroom before there were walls. This home is staggering in its innovative detail and this mondo tub is the capstone. Check out the rest on Architectural Digest‘s website (

3. Thomas Linssen

Thomas Linssen’s high concept design was born out of an ergonomic wooden chair that he re-constructed. He was concerned with making a ceramic tub that molded to the body and considered its total comfort above all else. The frame is laminated from strips of white oak and bent over a mould. The tub itself is a marble, polyester composite. I feel like I could take a nap in here..too much?

4. Patch House 2

This stunning, minimalist bathtub sits in Mayfair, London at architect Gavin Jackson’s Patch House 2. The home is a homage to sleek minimalist design and the bathtub’s open air/noir silhouette makes it a design-lover’s dream. With this small bathing pool, you’re as contemporary as can be.

5. Freestanding Stone Tub

Freestanding tubs are all the rage and this stone piece is a keeper (note the deep recess and natural silhouette). This tub is made of thick, lightly polished stone with natural curves to lean up against. If your hot water tank has no bottom and you’ve got hours to spare, curl up in this organic bath with some bubbles and a bottle of wine.

We’ve come to the end of my squeaky clean list but stay tuned for other design delights from ToMo’s official blog. There’s no telling when another writer will get down, dirty, and even naked with their decor tips. See you next time!