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Today we’re going to discuss the man, the myth, the legend: Anish Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor, famed sculptor and visionary, was born in Bombay, India in 1954 and after a failed attempt at electrical engineering (on a kibbutz in Israel, no less), he decided to become an artist in London. Kapoor was a student at London’s Hornsey College of Art and the Chelsea School of Art and Design. At this point in time, Mr. Kapoor has been made a Commander of the British Empire and a Commander in the French Ordres et des Lettres. Pretty badass, huh? Let’s take a look at some of his famous design-centric pieces.

Tall Tree and Eye

Tall Tree and Eye is in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts and is formed by 76 stainless steel “bubbles” that seem to float towards the tops of the surrounding buildings. The bubbles reflect images endlessly and their silhouette seems inspired by human DNA though the artist insists he didn’t intend for that. With this piece of design, the weight of the stainless steel material transforms into an airy substance.

Untitled (2009)

This amazing piece of sculpture sits in Atlanta at the High Museum. Untitled (2009) is a concave dish that was polished and sanded into a repeating triangular pattern that distorts the viewer into hundreds of fragmented images.

Turning the World Upside Down

This piece was in Anish Kapoor’s Turning the World Upside Down exhibit; this freestanding water-based piece was intended to reflect its nearby surroundings in unusual organic ways.

Cloud Gate

This is perhaps the most famous of Kapoor’s works: Cloud Gate or “the Bean” to Chicagoans (this writer is a Chicagoan so she has full authority!) This enormous piece of  stainless steel is 186 plates welded together and polished so as to not have seams. The result? A vast sculpture on the city’s skyline that reflects and distorts the surrounding buildings. Stand under the bean and your jaw will drop…believe me.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is an 377 feet tall sculpture and observation tower that was designed by Anish Kapoor in conjunction with engineer Cecil Balmond. It sits in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London and was created for the London Olympics in 2012. It is Britain’s largest piece of public art and allows visitors to see the whole Olympic Park from two vantage points.

This concludes the Anish Kapoor virtual tour but keep up with ToMo’s design blog for future inspirations!

Grove Case

Sorry to side with the hipsters, but this handmade case is 100% solid Moso bamboo. With unique design engravings into the back this renewable bamboo is designed for durability.

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This impact resistant case has an added kickstand, allowing for hands free viewing. Available in black and white, this case looks like Apple itself designed it.

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This color filled case won the CES Design Innovation award. The interlocking pattern and curvature lines create a piece of art on the back of your iPhone.

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This case looks like it came straight out of an action blockbuster. It has a special coasting that resists sweat, dirt, and oil perfect for one with an active lifestyle

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This case makes the iPhone that much better. A slide-out bottle opener built into the case, allows you to never go thirsty again.

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Made out of water resistant, waxed canvas, this case is made for the urban dweller. If you have yet to check out Hex, they have some pretty cool products and they just started selling in Apple retail stores. Check them out!

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Durables Wallet by Dodo Case

Although this may not justify as a “case” its sleek, functional design provides protection for your phone. This handcrafted wallet is made using traditional sewing techniques and provides space not only for your phone but also for cards and cash.

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Since its inception, crowd funding platform Kickstarter has been making creative dreams come true by bringing to life some of the most amazing products we’ve ever seen from amateur and seasoned designers alike. Of the many ideas that get funded each day, these are the standouts we felt deserved a little extra attention:

Square Bottle

The Square bottle is the 3-year incubated brainchild of ex-designers from Apple, Frog Design, and Stanford. The team aimed to create a bottle that was sleek, functional, and durable; it appears they’ve achieved just that, which is why we’re such big fans.

Turtle Speaker Boombox

Following in the functional footsteps of the portable speaker movement created by Jawbone and Bose, the Turtle Speaker Boombox packs as loud a design as it does sound output. Beyond its obvious uses, this beautiful speaker features a bike attachment and heavy water resistance for easy use on the go. Honestly, have you seen a cooler portable speaker?

Savino Wine Carafe

Upon first glance, the Savino looks more like a glass art piece than anything else, but further inspection reveals that behind this beautiful form lies a very deliberate choice in function. The carafe’s floating pendulum sits atop the wine to protect it from atmospheric oxidation while the cylindrical vial features a drip-free rim to make pouring a cinch.

LLSTOL Table/Chair

The “Transformers” franchise captured audiences because there is a certain magic associated with one body of mass being able to perform two completely different functions with a simple trigger. This “magic” is the same magic observed in the LLSTOL chair/table. The furniture set comprises two carefully designed wooden pieces that come together to form a lounge chair or coffee table depending on configuration. The simplicity of this design is what makes it so magical.

Trioh Flashlight

While most would say the flashlight has reached its evolutionary end, designer Greg Hinzmann would beg to differ. Slated as “the world’s most beautiful flashlight,” the Trioh seems to trump its forefathers in almost every way; the ergonomic design, charging station, flashlight/lamp modes, and even an ability to light upon sensing power failure. Reinventing the light never looked so good.

Let me jump right in and get to my point: even the most illicit activities require style and panache. Whether you’re detonating a bomb or battling a villain on the top of a train, you need the right accessory to get the job done. It’s the responsible thing to do, right? It’s what Sherlock, the ultimate detective, has proven to us with his unstoppable flow of spectacles, monocles, card tricks, and serums. To that end, I’ve found some accessories for ganja enthusiasts (you know who you are, though we won’t name names) that would make Sherlock himself proud. Behold! the items below:

Custom Blue Freeze Coil 

This custom blue freeze coil comes at a pretty penny ($1,199) and features a removable multi-hole bowl, K clip, engraved grinder, clear even glass construction, and a coil with a glycerin section that you can freeze time and time again for complete coolness when smoking.

Mustache Sherlock Pipe 

This pipe was designer after Sherlock himself with glass construction and the silhouette of a moustache. Sherlock’s trademark accessory was a pipe for pensive moments and with this piece, you’ll be every bit as dapper.

VaporGenie’s Vaporizing  Pipe 

This classic pipe has a stainless steel bowl, screen, and filter top and the black mouth-tip can be removed for cleaning. This piece is lead-free, glue-free, and adhesive free. The best features are the new-age vaporization technology that allows for a steady temperature between 225-375 degrees and the patented flame filter.

Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo 


This combination pipe & lighter has a removable bowl cover and a secret storage unit under the mouthpiece for stashing your goods. Keep your herbs in the niftiest of units with this new-fangled Sherlock style piece.

If you’ve got money to burn and a taste for refined, if secret accessories, look no further than these bold pieces. The Holiday season is upon us— could this be the perfect gift for Granny? No? I was totally kidding…

While many are keen on gawking at modern industrial design elements in furniture, electronics, and kitchenware, vials designed to hold spirits can be equally impressive in form. Here are TOMO’s favorites from across the globe:

Licor Beirão

Licor Beirão Premium is a Portuguese liqueur whose recipe is a well-kept trade secret. All we know is that its flavors are drawn from seeds and herbs originating from overseas locales like Thailand, Malaysia, and Brazil. For a spirit this worldly, a bottle of this caliber makes perfect sense.

Colier Elite Champagne

Design firm Reynolds and Reyner is responsible for this otherworldly champagne bottle/case design that dazzles and intrigues all at the same time. The bottle itself features a studded texture a la Alexander McQueen while the egg-shaped shell sports patterned indents that give a carbon fiber feel from afar. The bad news? This special edition conceptual bottle/casing no longer in production.

1,000 Acres Vodka

A seemingly perfect balance between minimalism and class is achieved with the 1,000 Acres bottle. The gorgeous forms you see above were devised by US-based design firm Arnell.

Hennessy Ellipse Cognac

As tasty as it is sexy, the $6,500 Hennessy Ellipse Premium Cognac is made direct from Champagne, France and sports one of the most receptacle designs we’ve ever seen. Designer Thomas Bastide fashioned this elliptical crystal decanter specifically for Hennessy to encase the wonderful bouquet that Hennessy cognac continues to provide.

Purus Vodka

Originating from the Piemonte region of Italy, Purus organic wheat vodka and its packaging take modern, environmental design to a whole new level. Gorgeous glass form aside, The Purus packaging features tree-free labels, a sustainable cork closure, water-based adhesives, and soy-based inks.

Kauffman Private Collection Vodka

Equipped with beautiful lines and aviary undertones, the Kauffman Private Collection bottle almost resembles that of a perfume repository. What warrants such a shapely bottle, you ask? Kauffman vodka touts its use of only the finest wheat crops (purportedly from years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007) to create a truly vintage liqueur.

We here at TOMO take design very seriously and aim to make this a destination that will simultaneously serve as an archive and a launch pad for designs, designers, and design concepts that bedazzle.

Through various forms of prose and media, you will hear our thoughts and insights into the bits and pieces that make us (and, hopefully, you) take a step back and marvel at the entities that so perfectly fuse form and function.

Come along for the ride and discover good design with us. It’ll be fun – we promise.