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Tis’ the season for holiday sweets! Shower the ones you love with chocolates, caramels, to pastries — oh my! There is no better package than one filled with sweet and savory flavors. Here are a few great online resources, party “sweet treat” ideas and homemade fun for the family to help you kick of the holiday cheer…

Delectable Gifts:


Yigit Pura is the first winner of “Top Chef: Just Desserts” and a San Francisco resident. His impressive resume includes chefing at Le Cirque, the Four Seasons Hotel, and Daniel Boulud in Las Vegas. After winning Top Chef: Just Desserts, Mr. Pura’s divine dessert talents have taken a modern turn with his very own Patisserie, Tout Sweet. ToMo is pleased as pie to feature his line of beautifully packaged, delicious dessert items.

Dessert Party:


Dessert Party

Popsicles and Prosecco: Wine and dine your guests this winter with intimate popsicle pairings! Choose your favorite white wine, rose or bubbly and splash in a refreshing fruitful popsicle. Yummy and inventive to impress your friends and family.

Holiday Family Fun:

dessert, homemade, holiday

homemade, dessert, holiday

Let the holiday cravings take over and treat yourself to a delectable dessert pizza! Berries n’ Brownie Pizza is a great way to bring the family together during an intimate holiday dinner. Covered in fresh cut berries and based with an ooey gooey brownie crust, your kids are sure to love this hands-on treat!

Halloween Horror, Apple style.

iOS Device + Halloween Costume  = Win.

As seen in the below video, NASA engineer Mark Rober cleverly reinvented the wheel in terms of modern costume design. No need to be fancy and spend hunders of dollars on individual trinkets: all you need is an iPad or iPhone to create a scary (or hilarious) halloween costume. Available in various haunting styles (and even custom looks you can make on your own), your next halloween costume could be one iPad away.

Tomo’s Favorite FREE Apps for iPad & iPhone:

Pumpkin Pops!

Virtually endless fun with over 100,000 levels and lots of spooky backgrounds:

Fun Photo Effects HD

Get your freak on! Put your spooky photograph through some of the most amazing photo effects you will ever see: