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Grove Case

Sorry to side with the hipsters, but this handmade case is 100% solid Moso bamboo. With unique design engravings into the back this renewable bamboo is designed for durability.

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This impact resistant case has an added kickstand, allowing for hands free viewing. Available in black and white, this case looks like Apple itself designed it.

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This color filled case won the CES Design Innovation award. The interlocking pattern and curvature lines create a piece of art on the back of your iPhone.

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This case looks like it came straight out of an action blockbuster. It has a special coasting that resists sweat, dirt, and oil perfect for one with an active lifestyle

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This case makes the iPhone that much better. A slide-out bottle opener built into the case, allows you to never go thirsty again.

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Made out of water resistant, waxed canvas, this case is made for the urban dweller. If you have yet to check out Hex, they have some pretty cool products and they just started selling in Apple retail stores. Check them out!

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Durables Wallet by Dodo Case

Although this may not justify as a “case” its sleek, functional design provides protection for your phone. This handcrafted wallet is made using traditional sewing techniques and provides space not only for your phone but also for cards and cash.

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Halloween Horror, Apple style.

iOS Device + Halloween Costume  = Win.

As seen in the below video, NASA engineer Mark Rober cleverly reinvented the wheel in terms of modern costume design. No need to be fancy and spend hunders of dollars on individual trinkets: all you need is an iPad or iPhone to create a scary (or hilarious) halloween costume. Available in various haunting styles (and even custom looks you can make on your own), your next halloween costume could be one iPad away.

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