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Luxury, class, and style… it’s what defines the modern man. Here are some of the must-haves to create a stunning bachelor bad that will impress even the most stubborn of ladies.

Reference 52 Flat TV by Loewe

A TV is a staple in any modern home, and this flat screen TV by Loewe is an icon amongst televisions. It transcendes the simple screen in a box to create a clean and stunning display of art and perfection. Guys, if there’s only one TV you get, this one is it.

Couch Design by Emanuele Canova

This Italian design is as simple as it is beautiful. The curves match the feminine physique, while the angles represent a masculine style. A perfect combination for you and your girl.

Modern Mini Bar by SAOTA and Antoni Associates

A modern home needs a modern bar, and this concept bar by SOATA and Antoni Associates illustrates what a great bar should have. The slate table and wooden backdrop provide a unique combination of industrial and organic, making this bar an ideal candidate for your pad. Just remember, only top shelf drinks allowed.

Infinity Pool @ Sofitel So Bangkok

This infinity pool is a classic representation of what a pool should look like. The pools edge appears to drop off a ledge, allowing for a stylistic illusion of elegance and luxury. Gone are the days of round, underground backyard pools, and in comes the rooftop luxury infinity pools.

En Suite Sky Garage @ Hamilton Scotts, Singapore

This is a car garage elevator that goes up to your apartment. Yes, you heard that correctly… it is an elevator for your car, that brings your car to whatever floor you live on, and puts it on display. Awesome? Yah, I think so… just make sure you have a nice enough car to match.

Rain Shower By Edmonds & Lee

This is a Rain Shower room that has perfect visibility from the bedroom. Yes, this is what a man needs, and the reasons are pretty self explanatory. The shower and the bedroom provide modern design and sensual comfort all in one.

Aluna Floating Bed

The bedroom is a man’s sanctuary, and the perfect bachelor pad needs a perfect bed to match. Good thing we have the Aluna Floating bed… a bed that is simple, yet elegant and is sure to impress any company that has the luxury to venture this far in. You’ll love the bed, and she’ll love you more for owning it. Guaranteed.

While many are keen on gawking at modern industrial design elements in furniture, electronics, and kitchenware, vials designed to hold spirits can be equally impressive in form. Here are TOMO’s favorites from across the globe:

Licor Beirão

Licor Beirão Premium is a Portuguese liqueur whose recipe is a well-kept trade secret. All we know is that its flavors are drawn from seeds and herbs originating from overseas locales like Thailand, Malaysia, and Brazil. For a spirit this worldly, a bottle of this caliber makes perfect sense.

Colier Elite Champagne

Design firm Reynolds and Reyner is responsible for this otherworldly champagne bottle/case design that dazzles and intrigues all at the same time. The bottle itself features a studded texture a la Alexander McQueen while the egg-shaped shell sports patterned indents that give a carbon fiber feel from afar. The bad news? This special edition conceptual bottle/casing no longer in production.

1,000 Acres Vodka

A seemingly perfect balance between minimalism and class is achieved with the 1,000 Acres bottle. The gorgeous forms you see above were devised by US-based design firm Arnell.

Hennessy Ellipse Cognac

As tasty as it is sexy, the $6,500 Hennessy Ellipse Premium Cognac is made direct from Champagne, France and sports one of the most receptacle designs we’ve ever seen. Designer Thomas Bastide fashioned this elliptical crystal decanter specifically for Hennessy to encase the wonderful bouquet that Hennessy cognac continues to provide.

Purus Vodka

Originating from the Piemonte region of Italy, Purus organic wheat vodka and its packaging take modern, environmental design to a whole new level. Gorgeous glass form aside, The Purus packaging features tree-free labels, a sustainable cork closure, water-based adhesives, and soy-based inks.

Kauffman Private Collection Vodka

Equipped with beautiful lines and aviary undertones, the Kauffman Private Collection bottle almost resembles that of a perfume repository. What warrants such a shapely bottle, you ask? Kauffman vodka touts its use of only the finest wheat crops (purportedly from years 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007) to create a truly vintage liqueur.

In film, actors are not always the starring role. Sometimes the architecture and design becomes the focus of the movie, propelling the plot. Here at TouchOfModern we focus our attention to the Top 5 movies in which design plays a key part in the movie’s story line.

5. The Lake House (2006)

The Lake House, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, centers itself around a contemporary lake house in which two characters exchange love letters from distant paths. The main house features a simple open design for unparalleled views.

4. Ferris Bueller (1986)

One of film’s greatest conniptions of two schoolboys playing hooky and defying the education system. However, many do not recognize the midcentury house where Cameron Frye stole his Dad’s Ferrari flying it through a plate glass window.

3. Twilight (2008)

How could we pay tribute to modern design without recognizing pop culture’s teen phenomenon Twilight? If you have ever dared to watch any of the films, the Cullen residence is a pure treat to any design savvy. The modern boxy home uses natural materials and simple décor contrasting nicely with the surrounding outside scenery.

2. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Big Lebowski: a movie filled with literary and intricate oddities makes it one of film’s most quotable mediums. “Dude” Lebowski receives a visit from Jackie Treehorn who owns a midcentury modern home overlooking the city. Although an overlooked scene in this classic, it represents the transition of modernity through the years.

1. Iron Man (2008)


Tony Stark the billionaire dedicated to fighting evil tops our list of movie’s most modern yet swankiest homes. It is hard to forget how cool Stark’s futuristic house is in the Iron Man franchise. Its stunning views and curvature walls creates a minimalist yet sophisticated environment for any billionaire mogul.