Enter the great wave of excitement around Apple/Mac concept design. Daily, the inspiring team of coders and designers come up with some of the most innovative, jaw-dropping, and sometimes, ridiculous ideas for the next best thing in Apple’s future.

Here are a few concepts we found awesome and ridiculous

Awesome: LCD iView


The LCD iView is a Mac concept design. The iView is the first screen with two distinctive characteristics: a double panoramicscreen with a unique curvature accompanying the natural eye curvature and movement.

Ridiculous: MacPad

MacPad is another Mac concept design. Although the idea is equipped with a convenient sliding mechanism that can display and vanish the keyboard at your convenience, the look and feel of the device is completely contradictory to Mac’s widely popular, minimal physique.

Best: MacBook Duo

macbook duo, apple design concepts

A hybrid device that is a unique combination of Apple’s existing portable media device technology with an e-reader/netbook. The MacBook Duo would offer enough usability in each arena to make it a standalone solution for frequent travelers. Work, browse, read, write, share and play all on one device.

Daaaaang: Apple-inspired Superyacht

Venus is the result of what happens when the superyacht concept and a design guru collide. Venus officially launched on a Sunday in the Dutch port of Aalsmeer, just over a year after the Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, died.

You be the Judge:

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