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Today we’re going to discuss the man, the myth, the legend: Anish Kapoor. Mr. Kapoor, famed sculptor and visionary, was born in Bombay, India in 1954 and after a failed attempt at electrical engineering (on a kibbutz in Israel, no less), he decided to become an artist in London. Kapoor was a student at London’s Hornsey College of Art and the Chelsea School of Art and Design. At this point in time, Mr. Kapoor has been made a Commander of the British Empire and a Commander in the French Ordres et des Lettres. Pretty badass, huh? Let’s take a look at some of his famous design-centric pieces.

Tall Tree and Eye

Tall Tree and Eye is in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts and is formed by 76 stainless steel “bubbles” that seem to float towards the tops of the surrounding buildings. The bubbles reflect images endlessly and their silhouette seems inspired by human DNA though the artist insists he didn’t intend for that. With this piece of design, the weight of the stainless steel material transforms into an airy substance.

Untitled (2009)

This amazing piece of sculpture sits in Atlanta at the High Museum. Untitled (2009) is a concave dish that was polished and sanded into a repeating triangular pattern that distorts the viewer into hundreds of fragmented images.

Turning the World Upside Down

This piece was in Anish Kapoor’s Turning the World Upside Down exhibit; this freestanding water-based piece was intended to reflect its nearby surroundings in unusual organic ways.

Cloud Gate

This is perhaps the most famous of Kapoor’s works: Cloud Gate or “the Bean” to Chicagoans (this writer is a Chicagoan so she has full authority!) This enormous piece of  stainless steel is 186 plates welded together and polished so as to not have seams. The result? A vast sculpture on the city’s skyline that reflects and distorts the surrounding buildings. Stand under the bean and your jaw will drop…believe me.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is an 377 feet tall sculpture and observation tower that was designed by Anish Kapoor in conjunction with engineer Cecil Balmond. It sits in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London and was created for the London Olympics in 2012. It is Britain’s largest piece of public art and allows visitors to see the whole Olympic Park from two vantage points.

This concludes the Anish Kapoor virtual tour but keep up with ToMo’s design blog for future inspirations!

Tis’ the season for holiday sweets! Shower the ones you love with chocolates, caramels, to pastries — oh my! There is no better package than one filled with sweet and savory flavors. Here are a few great online resources, party “sweet treat” ideas and homemade fun for the family to help you kick of the holiday cheer…

Delectable Gifts:


Yigit Pura is the first winner of “Top Chef: Just Desserts” and a San Francisco resident. His impressive resume includes chefing at Le Cirque, the Four Seasons Hotel, and Daniel Boulud in Las Vegas. After winning Top Chef: Just Desserts, Mr. Pura’s divine dessert talents have taken a modern turn with his very own Patisserie, Tout Sweet. ToMo is pleased as pie to feature his line of beautifully packaged, delicious dessert items.

Dessert Party:


Dessert Party

Popsicles and Prosecco: Wine and dine your guests this winter with intimate popsicle pairings! Choose your favorite white wine, rose or bubbly and splash in a refreshing fruitful popsicle. Yummy and inventive to impress your friends and family.

Holiday Family Fun:

dessert, homemade, holiday

homemade, dessert, holiday

Let the holiday cravings take over and treat yourself to a delectable dessert pizza! Berries n’ Brownie Pizza is a great way to bring the family together during an intimate holiday dinner. Covered in fresh cut berries and based with an ooey gooey brownie crust, your kids are sure to love this hands-on treat!

Grove Case

Sorry to side with the hipsters, but this handmade case is 100% solid Moso bamboo. With unique design engravings into the back this renewable bamboo is designed for durability.

Buy @ http://shop.x-doria.com/products/kick/409865#


This impact resistant case has an added kickstand, allowing for hands free viewing. Available in black and white, this case looks like Apple itself designed it.

Buy @ https://www.incipio.com/cases/iphone-cases/iphone-5-cases/iphone-5-kicksnap-hands-free-viewing-hard-shell-case.html


This color filled case won the CES Design Innovation award. The interlocking pattern and curvature lines create a piece of art on the back of your iPhone.

Buy @ http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone-5-Cases/Case-Mate-iPhone-5-Colorways-Cases.asp


This case looks like it came straight out of an action blockbuster. It has a special coasting that resists sweat, dirt, and oil perfect for one with an active lifestyle

Buy @ http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/2622


This case makes the iPhone that much better. A slide-out bottle opener built into the case, allows you to never go thirsty again.

Buy @ http://www.openacase.com/collections/frontpage/products/opena-case-iphone-5


Made out of water resistant, waxed canvas, this case is made for the urban dweller. If you have yet to check out Hex, they have some pretty cool products and they just started selling in Apple retail stores. Check them out!

Buy @ http://www.shophex.com/shop/cases/fleet-core-case-for-iphone-5-black-grey-stripe

Durables Wallet by Dodo Case

Although this may not justify as a “case” its sleek, functional design provides protection for your phone. This handcrafted wallet is made using traditional sewing techniques and provides space not only for your phone but also for cards and cash.

Buy @ http://www.dodocase.com/collections/iphone5

6. Perrelet Double Rotor Turbine



Cost: $7,100

The Perrelet Turbine watch has 12 titanium blades that spin to mimic the motions of a jet turbine. It’s sexy and unique, without being obtrusive, it is absolutely one of the most eye catching watches one can own, and it is also the most affordable on this list. Coming in a few varieties, it will definitely appeal to a large audience of watch enthusiasts.



5. Bulgari Carillon Tourbillon DR3300



Cost: $100,000

This original Bulgari design is hand made with 327 precision parts. The tourbillon architecture holds time for 75 hours when fully wound and consists of rare sapphire crystals, and other noble metals such as platinum, rhodium, ruthenium and indium. Only 30 of these watches were made, making this watch as exclusive as they come.



4. HYT H1 Watch



Cost: $45,000

Half mechanical, half liquid, this new high-tech watch aims to redefine how time is presented.  The bold, futuristic design tells time by moving the green liquid up and down the circumference of the watch face. The watch comes in multiple versions including titanium and pink gold and can be yours for as little as $45,000.



3. Louis Vuitton Tambour Minute Repeater



Cost: $300,000

This sexy watch by Louis Vuitton will cost as much as a Condo, but really, who can put a price on perfection. This watch belongs to the acoustic, or chiming, class of watches, which many experts consider to be not only the most aesthetically pleasing type of complicated timepiece but also one of the rarest. The watch is designed for the busy traveler since it displays a local time, as well as a “home” time allowing for dual timezones.



2. TAG Heuer’s Mikrotimer Flying 1000



Cost: $88,000

Touted as the world’s fastest chronometer watch, the Mikrotimer is capable of tracking 1/1000th of a second which is stupidly fast. The watch was originally built as a prototype, but is now going to be a part of a limited edition collection of 10 pieces, with each piece costing more than a luxury vehicle. If you’re into luxury chronographs that spin faster than you can blink, this is the watch for you.



1. Harry Winston Opus Eleven



Cost: $230,000

This watch is like having your very own mechanical Transformer strapped to your wrist. The gears rotate, and the mechanisms move causing a dramatic morphing of the displayed time at the center. The ingenius mechanism gives the watch extreme character while providing a rare glimpse at the pinnacle of human craftsmanship. Never before have I seen a watch quite like this one.

Since its inception, crowd funding platform Kickstarter has been making creative dreams come true by bringing to life some of the most amazing products we’ve ever seen from amateur and seasoned designers alike. Of the many ideas that get funded each day, these are the standouts we felt deserved a little extra attention:

Square Bottle

The Square bottle is the 3-year incubated brainchild of ex-designers from Apple, Frog Design, and Stanford. The team aimed to create a bottle that was sleek, functional, and durable; it appears they’ve achieved just that, which is why we’re such big fans.

Turtle Speaker Boombox

Following in the functional footsteps of the portable speaker movement created by Jawbone and Bose, the Turtle Speaker Boombox packs as loud a design as it does sound output. Beyond its obvious uses, this beautiful speaker features a bike attachment and heavy water resistance for easy use on the go. Honestly, have you seen a cooler portable speaker?

Savino Wine Carafe

Upon first glance, the Savino looks more like a glass art piece than anything else, but further inspection reveals that behind this beautiful form lies a very deliberate choice in function. The carafe’s floating pendulum sits atop the wine to protect it from atmospheric oxidation while the cylindrical vial features a drip-free rim to make pouring a cinch.

LLSTOL Table/Chair

The “Transformers” franchise captured audiences because there is a certain magic associated with one body of mass being able to perform two completely different functions with a simple trigger. This “magic” is the same magic observed in the LLSTOL chair/table. The furniture set comprises two carefully designed wooden pieces that come together to form a lounge chair or coffee table depending on configuration. The simplicity of this design is what makes it so magical.

Trioh Flashlight

While most would say the flashlight has reached its evolutionary end, designer Greg Hinzmann would beg to differ. Slated as “the world’s most beautiful flashlight,” the Trioh seems to trump its forefathers in almost every way; the ergonomic design, charging station, flashlight/lamp modes, and even an ability to light upon sensing power failure. Reinventing the light never looked so good.

Enter the great wave of excitement around Apple/Mac concept design. Daily, the inspiring team of coders and designers come up with some of the most innovative, jaw-dropping, and sometimes, ridiculous ideas for the next best thing in Apple’s future.

Here are a few concepts we found awesome and ridiculous

Awesome: LCD iView


The LCD iView is a Mac concept design. The iView is the first screen with two distinctive characteristics: a double panoramicscreen with a unique curvature accompanying the natural eye curvature and movement.

Ridiculous: MacPad

MacPad is another Mac concept design. Although the idea is equipped with a convenient sliding mechanism that can display and vanish the keyboard at your convenience, the look and feel of the device is completely contradictory to Mac’s widely popular, minimal physique.

Best: MacBook Duo

macbook duo, apple design concepts

A hybrid device that is a unique combination of Apple’s existing portable media device technology with an e-reader/netbook. The MacBook Duo would offer enough usability in each arena to make it a standalone solution for frequent travelers. Work, browse, read, write, share and play all on one device.

Daaaaang: Apple-inspired Superyacht

Venus is the result of what happens when the superyacht concept and a design guru collide. Venus officially launched on a Sunday in the Dutch port of Aalsmeer, just over a year after the Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, died.

You be the Judge:

Check out 30 of Mac’s latest concept ideas here:


Let me jump right in and get to my point: even the most illicit activities require style and panache. Whether you’re detonating a bomb or battling a villain on the top of a train, you need the right accessory to get the job done. It’s the responsible thing to do, right? It’s what Sherlock, the ultimate detective, has proven to us with his unstoppable flow of spectacles, monocles, card tricks, and serums. To that end, I’ve found some accessories for ganja enthusiasts (you know who you are, though we won’t name names) that would make Sherlock himself proud. Behold! the items below:

Custom Blue Freeze Coil 

This custom blue freeze coil comes at a pretty penny ($1,199) and features a removable multi-hole bowl, K clip, engraved grinder, clear even glass construction, and a coil with a glycerin section that you can freeze time and time again for complete coolness when smoking.

Mustache Sherlock Pipe 

This pipe was designer after Sherlock himself with glass construction and the silhouette of a moustache. Sherlock’s trademark accessory was a pipe for pensive moments and with this piece, you’ll be every bit as dapper.

VaporGenie’s Vaporizing  Pipe 

This classic pipe has a stainless steel bowl, screen, and filter top and the black mouth-tip can be removed for cleaning. This piece is lead-free, glue-free, and adhesive free. The best features are the new-age vaporization technology that allows for a steady temperature between 225-375 degrees and the patented flame filter.

Wickie Pipe Lighter Combo 


This combination pipe & lighter has a removable bowl cover and a secret storage unit under the mouthpiece for stashing your goods. Keep your herbs in the niftiest of units with this new-fangled Sherlock style piece.

If you’ve got money to burn and a taste for refined, if secret accessories, look no further than these bold pieces. The Holiday season is upon us— could this be the perfect gift for Granny? No? I was totally kidding…

Halloween: the only holiday where people can release their alter egos and not feel like a total nerd. As much stress as I have choosing a costume, we hope this selection of Halloween costumes brings you a new level of popularity at any social setting.


This costume may be the most legit costume I have ever seen. Inspired by Bumblebee in the action film, Transformers, this mega fan made it his destiny to replicate the character. Do I dare to ask how much he spent in putting together this costume?


The remake of Tron set forward a new trend of innovative and techy costumes for a new generation. This costume is the intersection of sexy and futuristic and is sure to be the talk of any Halloween party.

Star Wars

Twi’leks, the omnivorous humanoid species from the planet Ryloth are distinctive for their colorful skin and their “beauty.” Why not go all out this Halloween and win the heart of every Star Wars enthusiast? We promise that you will find your soul mate.

Power Rangers

There is no room for debate here; being a Power Ranger for Halloween makes you a badass. It’s also perfect for groups of friends to coordinate with each other. Why not fight the world together with your best friends?


If you don’t want to feel blue this Halloween dress as a Na’vi. From the hit movie, Avatar, this costume is a perfect way to show off one’s curves and stand out from the rest. Connect with the natives of Pandora and join the Na’vi clan.


With the release of Halo 4 right around the corner, we deemed it appropriate to add Cortana. The guide for Master Chief deserves the respect of preventing the activation of the Halo. Let this full-fledged Cortana get-up guide you to a fleet of fans at your next Halloween bash.


While Samus Aran was always known for her bold, monster-defying ways, the reveal of her character being a female has led to many a costume attempt by cosplayers all over. Sport this impressive array of color and weaponry alongside an appropriately blonde doo and you’ll have monsters and men groveling faster than you can say “Metroid.”

Luxury, class, and style… it’s what defines the modern man. Here are some of the must-haves to create a stunning bachelor bad that will impress even the most stubborn of ladies.

Reference 52 Flat TV by Loewe

A TV is a staple in any modern home, and this flat screen TV by Loewe is an icon amongst televisions. It transcendes the simple screen in a box to create a clean and stunning display of art and perfection. Guys, if there’s only one TV you get, this one is it.

Couch Design by Emanuele Canova

This Italian design is as simple as it is beautiful. The curves match the feminine physique, while the angles represent a masculine style. A perfect combination for you and your girl.

Modern Mini Bar by SAOTA and Antoni Associates

A modern home needs a modern bar, and this concept bar by SOATA and Antoni Associates illustrates what a great bar should have. The slate table and wooden backdrop provide a unique combination of industrial and organic, making this bar an ideal candidate for your pad. Just remember, only top shelf drinks allowed.

Infinity Pool @ Sofitel So Bangkok

This infinity pool is a classic representation of what a pool should look like. The pools edge appears to drop off a ledge, allowing for a stylistic illusion of elegance and luxury. Gone are the days of round, underground backyard pools, and in comes the rooftop luxury infinity pools.

En Suite Sky Garage @ Hamilton Scotts, Singapore

This is a car garage elevator that goes up to your apartment. Yes, you heard that correctly… it is an elevator for your car, that brings your car to whatever floor you live on, and puts it on display. Awesome? Yah, I think so… just make sure you have a nice enough car to match.

Rain Shower By Edmonds & Lee

This is a Rain Shower room that has perfect visibility from the bedroom. Yes, this is what a man needs, and the reasons are pretty self explanatory. The shower and the bedroom provide modern design and sensual comfort all in one.

Aluna Floating Bed

The bedroom is a man’s sanctuary, and the perfect bachelor pad needs a perfect bed to match. Good thing we have the Aluna Floating bed… a bed that is simple, yet elegant and is sure to impress any company that has the luxury to venture this far in. You’ll love the bed, and she’ll love you more for owning it. Guaranteed.